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Liposculpture in Sessions - Renacer Clinic Peru


RENACER CLINIC PERU has been designed to bring to you the most innovating treatments, in a private environment. We realize all the most common surgical procedures in in Plastic Esthetic and Cosmetic Surgery. In all the surgeries, the surgeons are assisted by a medical staff of great quality, to which is added a great clinic infrastructure with all the advancements that optimize the service and bring security that we put at your disposition.

Being on the vanguard of all the scientific advancements in Plastic Esthetic and Cosmetic Surgery. RENACER CLINIC PERU brings perfect results with little post-surgery that allows the patient to go back to the normal life.

Today being beautiful, eliminating the imperfections of the body has stopped being an illusion and has been transformed in a reality kin the reach of every woman. Visit us, through a personal and confidential consult we will answer to all your questions

To book an appointment with us, you just have to call us:

(511) 241 - 8832
(511) 447 - 9051
Nextel: 818*6924
RPM: *674689

Opened from Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
And Saturdays from 9:00 am thru 3:00 pm




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